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Raw Material Suppliers

Raw material producers utilize pilot lines as an essential component in day-to-day operations. The application can be either evaluating the properties and characteristics of resins and additives or controlling the quality and performance of a specific batch. Another increasingly growing application is the need for material suppliers to provide application oriented technical support to their customer.

Maxtrusion pilot lines are built to guarantee the most reliable results in a rapid and efficient way. The change-over time between recipes and products is minimized, the lines are calibrated to simulate real-time production lines but with minimum foot print and operational cost.

Narrow Web Production

A typical application of our pilot scale machine is the production of narrow Web tubes for various application. The product could be a simple three layer polyethylene tube or a high barrier seven or nine layer structure with Nylon and EVOH barrier layers for enhanced barrier properties. Both symmetric and asymmetric structures are possible. The barrier tubes are commonly used either to produce pouches on a pouch conversion machine or as a roll stock on the fill and seal machine.

Cheese, spices, flavours, and concentrates are, among others, products that could require such packaging concept.

If the line will be dedicated for production, output becomes an important factor and therefore the line configuration is then optimized to be able to realize the desired capacity. Additionally winding concept should also be examined to make sure that the line will deliver top roll quality.


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Film Producers

Successful film producers have achieved high market share by introducing new high end products much faster than the competition. That is only possible if film suppliers are able to quickly and reliably test and optimize their new ideas and proposals. Having a small pilot line in the laboratory is an excellent tool for product development. Screening cost reduction as well as down gauging are two common goals for film suppliers. With our large experience in the industry we are able to configure and supply state of the art pilot extrusion systems for the film and conversion industry.

Research Centers and Institutes

Pilot line are becoming standard tools for educational as well as research institutes. Experimental scientific work must be done in a systematic and repeatable approach. Complete documentation of all processing parameters is essential for reaching a solid and meaningful conclusion. Maxtrusion has developed an integrated system for data collection, processing and display in order to provide for complete monitoring of all relevant process parameters.

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Recycled material processors and Compounders

Testing extrudability, processability, bubble stability and later behavior on downstream conversion equipment are all typical applications for regrind material processors and compounders. A huge potential for cost reduction can be exploited by quickly and efficiently fine-tuning the recipe and compound before continuous production.

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