Process Know-How


Laboratory extrusion equipment must produce very close results to real production equipment. In order to guarantee this, maxtrusion is regularly conducting comparative studies to validate the suitability of such pilot lines to represent realistic results and thus lead to valuable conclusions.

Over the last 30 years, Maxtrusion has gained extensive knowledge and experience in the extrusion process technology. The sizing of the hot part and the configuration of the complete line are very critical steps in the implementation of the complete project.

As a result of our in-depth know-how in the extrusion process, we are able to size different components and configure the complete line in such a way that ensures a perfect fit with the targeted applications.

Our application engineers will analyze the key applications required by the customer to come up with a line configuration that perfectly suits these particular applications.

Line configuration means sizing of different components as well as configuring the complete line to perform as desired by customers. In order to perform this process in an efficient way, it is essential to have a deep understanding of the complete machine performance and characteristics.

The accumulated historical production and test data represent added value for our customers. Simulation packages can be a very useful tool to understand the process dynamics but it is still crucial to validate the simulation results with real field testing and verification.

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