About Maxtrusion

Maxtrusion is a technology driven, customer oriented company with a long history of quality and reliability. The long term extrusion experience, extensive design capability and state of the art production facility are our key advantages.

The company has an export oriented policy with focus on europe and the United States. Our laboratory extrusion equipment are installed in several European countries.

Quality Concept

Maxtrusion adopts a Total Quality Management policy integrating the entire process into the concept. We integrate top quality components and materials to guarantee the highest level of reliability.

Parts and modules pass through a stringent quality control and quality assurance procedures. The entire machine is finally subjected to an extensive and detailed performance test before being approved for final dispatch.

quality concept

Businessman profit concept


To be a worldwide leading supplier for pilot extrusion systems


To enable our customers to quickly and effectively achieve their development task and hence maximizing the return on investment and market share.