Blown Film


Producing plastic film for different applications using the blown technology is the oldest and the most common technology in the industry. Starting from HDPE small machine till huge agricultural and geo-membrane lines, the basic concept is the same. The process has definitely been developed over time so that most of the tasks that needed skilled operators in the past have now been taken over by control systems and computers.

The blown film process is a continuous process and any interruptions could result in large amount of waste. Therefore the need to have a small pilot line for quick trials and experiments is growing continuously. Our blown film pilot lines are designed and produced to reflect actual production lines conditions. Several verification procedures have been conducted to bridge the gap between production scale and pilot scale machines.

In order to achieve a close match between the production machine and the pilot machine, a systematic procedure has to be conducted starting from the first contact with the customer to configure the machine and ending up with the commissioning of the pilot line at the customer premises. With our process know-how and experience we are able to keep our customers satisfied to the deepest level of details.

Dosing System

To guarantee a steady and controlled flow of material to the extruders, we integrate our high accuracy gravimetric dosing system with the following features:

  • Main hopper for free flowing granules
  • Standard weighing hopper 200 mm
  • Weighing load cell and hopper holder
  • Shut-off device in the hopper frame
  • Standard aluminium hopper
  • Integrated switch box


The MaxTec® high performance extruders are able to provide excellent homogeneity of melt at low and safe extrusion temperature. The optimized screw geometry enables a relatively wide processing window.

All the extruder components are integrated in a stand-alone compact unit mounted on wheels. Additionally, the extruder is adjustable in height to enable the easy and quick connection of different extruder units. This compact and modular design concept requires the lowest installation space and facilitates for future upgrade of the complete line.

A wide range of screw designs are available to satisfy different requirements and applications. The standard three-zone screw, barrier screw, and variable barrier energy transfer screw are the most common types. Other types of screws and special designs are also available for special applications.

Die Head

The ConForm® die head concept is the result of extensive simulation and analysis combined with rigorous field testing under actual production conditions.

The die head is able to handle an extremely wide range of material, structures, and layer ratios.

Machining of the melt channels is done on high accuracy CNC machines followed b proper surface treatment and hard chrome plating. Finally, an intensive super finishing and polishing process is performed to guarantee the perfect flow of materials inside the die. This sequence combined with strict quality control measures results in a uniform gauge distribution of each individual as well as of the total film profile.

In order to design and build die head that is optimized for a certain portfolio of products or applications, analysis of the targeted material structures and recipes has to be conducted. Additionally, we recommend to perform trials in our technology center to give actual and reliable figures that reflect the capability of the complete system.

Cooling Ring

Both single and dual lip configurations are possible. Special considerations are given to dimensional accuracy to ensure uniform air flow and thus optimum profile tolerance and bubble stability. The blower and air distributer are integrated in the system to minimize the necessary space requirements.

Calibration Basket

The cage or basket provides support and guidance for the bubble directly after the die head. Different sizes and functionalities are available based on each specific product portfolio.

Haul off

We basically offer two haul off concepts; the Statec and the Revertec. As the name implies, the Statec is a stationary system while Revertec is an oscillating haul off.

The unit can be custom-tailored to each individual application by integrating additional features and options. These include anti-static package, nip cooling, additional s-wrap, height adjustment, gusseting system, etc…

Our haul off system is based on a very robust design concept to ensure stable operation and at the same time facilitates for quick and easy product change. Different widths are available based on each specific application. The range starts from 250mm net film width and goes up to 1200mm. All our haul-off units are designed and manufactured according to the highest safety standards.

Water Bath

The annealing process is basically needed to minimize the curling effect resulting from processing asymmetric structures with Nylon in the outer layer. The system is flexible enough to enable providing different annealing effects depending on the curling level as well as the line speed and processing parameters.

Operator Panel

For product development and laboratory research applications it is essential to have a complete record of all process relevant parameters and factors. Our professional laboratory software package provides the optimum solution for such application. The control of the system is central and all data are collected and stored for further processing. Report generation, operational parameters, and trend functions are all convenience features that facilitates the daily work of process engineers.


High quality Winders are essential to obtain quality rolls. Both surface and center winding are available depending on the final winding quality required. Different features are included based on the particular application. This includes, edge trimming, slitting station, edge trim collection system, corona treatment unit, and web inspection system.


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